new born baby, youngest father, 12 year old, booked under POSCO act, 16 year old mother

12 year old youngest father in India booked under POSCO act

In a shocking incident in Kochi, Kerala. A 12 year old Kid accused of raping his 16 year old cousin has given birth to a baby on which the girl confirmed the boy to be the father of newborn child. After that DNA test was conducted & it was confirmed that the boy is the father of the newborn baby.

Paternity tests conducted on 8th standard student confirmed that he is the youngest father in India. This happened when the girl confirmed him to be the father & after 2 months it got confirmed on DNA tests.

The young mother is the boys cousin & were staying closeby. The newborn baby is handed over to the Child Welfare Comittee since the girls family has refused to take care of the newborn

Later girl informed that she had been raped by the boy & hence a case has been registered against the boy under Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POSCO) Act & were sent under juvinile court. They were later let off on bail.

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