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4 Tyres Bursted on landing at Jammu of Air India Flight carrying 140 passengers

140 passengers had a close shave who were sitting inside an Air India Flight from Delhi to Jammu after a major tragedy was averted when its 4 tyres bursted on Landing at Jammu

on June 9th, Friday 23 year old Air India Flight 821 carrying 140 passengers landed at Jammu Airport & had a narrow escape while landing at Jammu Airport when four tyres of the flight burst while landing. All the passengers are safe & were taken safely out from the plane soon after the incident.

All flights to Jammu were cancelled till the plane is not taken out of the runway which makes it impossible for other flights to take off or land at the Jammu Airport.

Pilot’s sharp mind averted the tragedy

As per the sources the accident was averted after Pilot had taken a right decision on time. As soon the pilot got to know the burst tyres he diverted the flight on muddy ground / unmettaled path on the side of the runway as it jammed the landing gear. Had he had not done that the plane could have colided with the boundary wall of the airport. Due to his presence of mind the plane stopped just 6 metres before the wall & hence all passengers were taken out safely. Passengers were evacuated using emergency chutes.

There is already a complain from Pilots for Air Indias A320 which are near to their retirements as the planes are quiet old & they had a huge issue in their operations as already informed by Pilots to DGCA to ground these planes

Disclaimer : Above details are taken from different sources & social media.
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