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Are you on Twitter? – Megyn Kelly asked to Narendra Modi – the worlds 2nd Most followed

It has become a matter of discussion over social media sites, internet & all over the news. Well Megyn Kelly has not done her homework before her interview with Narendra Modi ji.

Megyn Kelly who is a renowned Anchor & Journalist at NBC (National Broadcasting Company) asked Narendra Modi a strange question – Are you on Twitter?. Although she doesn’t know that Narendra Modi is the 2nd most followed person. He has 30 million followers on twitter & 41 million on facebook itself.
He is the 2nd most followed person on twitter after US President Donald Trump.

She has been accused of not doing her homework properly before her meeting with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in along with Russian President Vladimir Putin in St Petersburg. She asked famous person on twitter & facebook, Narendra Modi – Are you on Twitter?

How did the question arised?
This awkward question originated before Ms Megyn Kelly recorded the meeting for her show at The Konstantin Palace. She met the two leaders & on general introductory talks PM Narendra Modi said he had seen a post by the journalist with an umbrella.
Ms Kelly replied: “Oh really, did you? Are you on Twitter?” PM Modi just smiled at her question and noded.

Although PM Modi just smiled & nodded but Inidan online users have backlashed & rediculed on the talks

Below are the few of the many tweets in reply to this strange question

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