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Liquor Ban on Highways! Rajasthan & Chandigarh found a solution

As per the recent ruling by Supreme Court of India Liquor can not be sold at places in range of 500 km from the Highways. which has affected a list of places which were in good business & have suddenly lost their license to sell liquor especially Gurgaon #DLFCyberhub where there will be a list of outlets which have gone dry after the law.

Well no one can avert the Supreme Court Decision but Chandigarh & Rajasthan have found an easy way out.

Rajasthan Government has declared all state highways which are passing through residential areas are now termed as District Roads or Urban Roads to find a way around the Supreme Court order of banning Liquor Vendors within 500 mts of Nation & State Highways.

We all know that there is a good range of revenue from Excise duty to the states paid by Bottle Shops, Restaurants & Bars. Banning of Liquor will reduce states budget. After the change in name from Highway to District or Urban Roads will prevent many Liquor Shops from shutting down.

Rajasthan has changed more than 3000 kms of State highways to urban roads. Although this decision came on the Footsteps of Chandigarh where it was implemented quiet early on the same reason.

& now on the same solution UP is likely to follow.

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