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HORRIFIC! Giant bear attacks man drags into enclosure over teasing with food, mauls badly – Watch video

A horrific video that is going viral on the internet shows a tourist, who reportedly teased a bear by dangling food in its jaws, Giant Bear attacks man being gored and dragged inside the beast’s enclosure.

The video shows the bear holding the man under its paw and trying to maul him. The giant bear, expected to weigh around 250 kg, pinned the victim down to the ground and bit him after the man got it angry.

The man, Naiphum Promratee, hung bowls of rice into the animal’s enclosure using a rope; however little did he know that the act would leave the animal angry. The incident happened while he was visiting the temple in rural Phetchabun province in Thailand.

The animals soon dragged him into the enclosure standing on its hind legs after which the man fell unconscious. In the video some men can be seen trying to divert the animal’s attention but in vain.

Fortunately, one of the men ran into the enclosure and stopped the bear rescuing the man.

Two other men can be then seen dragging the man out of the enclosure to safety.

Watch the video here:

Pic Courtest : Picture grab from youtube


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