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Blue Whale game HORROR continues! Another Class 7 Indore student jumps off school building

Pune: We had warned about this game in our post 3 months back. In an another shocking incident related to the ‘Blue whale Game’ the challenge game, a class VII student from Indore attempted suicide by jumping off his school building, allegedly after taking up the infamous Blue Whale Challenge.

Fortunately, the boy was saved after his classmates reached on time and pulled him back.

The boy is a student from Chameli Devi School.

The incident took place after the students were heading towards their class following the morning assembly. The boy, who has been routinely following the ‘Blue Whale’ game, suddenly climbed atop the railing of his school to finish another task given to him by the game. He, however, was caught by other students.

A TOI report said that the boy was very much annoyed when the Physical training teacher pulled him away from the railing.

Later the school administration called up the police, who have launched an investigation into the matter.

Speaking to TOI, additional superintendent of police Rupesh Dwivedi asserted, “The online game was downloaded on his father’s mobile phone which he often used to play with. We are looking into the matter and have instructed the school to counsel the child and his parents.”

This is said to be the second case in India of a teenager taking the deadly challenge, which has claimed lives of more than hundred children worldwide.

Earlier, a 14-year-old Mumbai boy named as 14-year-old Manpreet killed himself by jumping off the terrace of his seven-floor Andheri building.

Know about the ‘Blue Whale’ game:

The Blue Whale Game or the Blue Whale Challenge is an internet game that exists in several countries. The game originated in Russia. The game gives players a series of 50 tasks which culminates in suicide by jumping off a terrace building. The participants are also asked to share evidence in the form of photographs of the dreaded challenges completed by them.

The tasks include watching horror movies, waking up at unusual hours and self-harming.

As per media reports, the game has so far claimed lives of hundreds of teenagers across several countries.



Please also read our previous post 3 months back where we had informed about this tragic game. But now it has come to India so be sure you keep your kids away from it.

Game to Death – Teenagers Committing Suicide playing a Social Media Game “Blue Whale”



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  1. This is so sad and scary, I hope parents are becoming aware of this devilish game, so that they can take correct steps towards protecting their children.

  2. U am really terrified when I read the first case … And this one.. it’s advisable for parents to keep and eye on what thier kids are doing in the phone tab or laptop…. Internet is really vast

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