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Too Much Caffeine can lead to death – US teen died of Cardiac Arrest

As per a recent news a Healthy US Teen from South Carolina dies due to high caffeine intake in a short period of time

According to reports which are yet to be reconfirmed the teen had continuous intake of first Cafe Latte, Diet Mountain Dew & energy drink.

Davis Cripe left from home on 26th April in a span of just 2 hrs he first had a Cafe Latte from Mc Donalds & a large Mountain Dew. then had taken a 16 ounce Energy Drink & then went to his art class.

where he fell on the ground & was rushed to a nearby hospital where he died.

So a sudden dose of high caffeine content led to a cardiac failure.

As per FDA (Food & Drug Administration) recommendation adults should not consume more than 400 mg of Caffeine a day around 4-5 cups & energy drink alone has 300 mg of Caffeine Content.

The American Beverage Association has directed Energy Drink Manufacturers to advise consumers that they are not recommended for children, pregnant or nursing woman.


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