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Chelsea Manning : The transgender who leaked US Army secrets to Wikileaks

Chelsea Manning who was a male soldier earlier known as Bradley who had leaked more than 700,000 classified military & diplomatic documents to Wikileaks.

Manning who was jailed under one of the largest leaks of classified documents in history is now set to walk out of military prison. She attempted suicide twice last year after she was booked for 35 years of jail till 2045. but is now to be released on Wednesday after a commutation of her sentence by US President Barack Obama before he left office.

Manning who was formerly Bradley Manning, 22 – ┬áMilitary Intelligence analyst in Iraq from November 2009, was arrested in Iraq for handling classified US documents to Wikileaks

in August 2013 he was sentenced for Life Imprisonment. had leaked 250000 diplomatic cables, 500000 military reports,

Major details leaked were

  • Video of US Helicopter strike in Baghdad in 2007 that killed two Reuters employees.
  • 400,000 Iraq Military Reports
  • He had handed over more than 90,000 highly classified Afghanistan related US Military documents
  • More than 250,000 classified US diplomatic Cables

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