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Donald Trump on North Korea, says it may take a while for both United States and China to deal with it

Hamburg: United States President Donald Trump on North Korea asserted on Saturday that it may take time to rein in North Korea’s nuclear ambitions.

Trump, who was speaking at a meeting just after the G20 summit concluded, urged Chinese president Xi jinping to use China’s economic leverage to pressurize Pyongyang and expressed confidence that Washington and Beijing could eventually do so.

Trump, who had earlier expressed some impatience after North Korea’s latest missile test, surprisingly showed no signs of it on Saturday.

“I appreciate the things that you have done relative to the very substantial problem that we all face in North Korea, a problem that something has to be done about,” Trump was quoted as telling Xi by the Reuters.

“It may take longer than I`d like, it may take longer than you`d like,” Trump said. “But there will be success in the end one way or the other.”

Pyongyang last week launched an intercontinental ballistic missile that some experts believe could have the range to reach Alaska, Hawaii and perhaps the U.S. Pacific Northwest. North Korea said it could carry a large nuclear warhead.

Trump campaigned on cracking down on China for its trade practices, but he softened his tone after taking office, saying he wanted to work with China on the nuclear issue.

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  1. Republican nominee Donald Trump, with a propaganda website praising him as a prescient presidential candidate who can liberate Americans living under daily fear of nuclear attack by the North.

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