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How to download free Movies, Games, Softwares from the Internet

As we always want to download free stuff from the internet but most of us don’t know how to find the way of downloading the same. We always want to download free movies, games, Softwares etc but don’t know where to find it.

Here is the way which will help you download free stuff from the internet very easily


Torrent websites are the fastest way & without any hassle & don’t even let you download free toolbars or software for downloading the stuff on the internet.

Process of downloading stuff


1. Download a torrent software available free on the internet from either


Install the same with the free version. If you wish to take the paid version then its up to you. Else free version works equally good


2. Now you need to download torrents available free & legal to download on the internet

first of all, visit any torrent website (best websites listed below) search for the content you are searching for

Hit Download torrent or magnet.

Please check the file should have enough Seeds which is mentioned in front of every file. If there are no seeds download will not happen. Download the file with maximum seeds such that download can be faster

So this way you can Download free Movies, Softwares, Games, TV Serials torrents etc free from here


3. Opening Torrent Files

Click the downloaded torrent file to open

Usually once you install the BitTorrent or Utorrent the torrent file will automatically open up in the clients. But if it does not you can do that manually by opening the client. Click the File -> Add Torrent & target this to the downloaded torrent file. It will ask you where to download the file select the folder & as a result your stuff will start to download



DISCLAIMER: Above details are taken from Social Media & other websites. We don’t take any responsibility for the genuineness of the details & this is just an information sharing. Download of copyright content is strictly prohibited We strongly recommend not to do that. Sharing this information for downloading only free content which is totally legal to download free like free movies, free books, free softwares etc


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