Esha Gupta exposes her assets becomes latest sensation on Internet : Check out

In a recent photoshoot by Esha Gupta which she posted on Instagram has gone viral since she had left nothing to imagine after seeing her pictures. Earlier you will only find this kind of photo shoot by a Hollywood Celebrity but now it’s our very own Bollywood star.

In her recent three pictures, she had posted she is laying on the bed on her stomach totally nude giving a glimpse of her a**. See the three pics below from her Instagram page where she had expose off everything posing with just a pair of socks.


Why stop now!

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Life’s too short, laugh it out

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Esha was reprimanded by many on Instagram for not being Indian enough and posting ‘such vulgar’ photos. But Esha says that she is not bothered about these faceless people.

Also in her previous pic, she had posed nude in a see through pan*y & holding 2 pieces of half cut pomegranate in both her hands covering her b**bs.

Healthy life ๐Ÿ˜‹

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Similar Pics of her are also there in different poses.

All eyes on you

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Picture Courtesy: Instagram

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