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Flipkart Robbery – Men in Helmets looted 37 lakh from Flipkart Dispatch Centre

Flipkart Robbery

New Delhi : Flipkart Robbery – Rs. 37/- lakh stolen from Flipkart Dispatch Centre. A group of men wearing helmets & armed with Pistol. Entered Flipkart Dispatch Centre in Jhilmil Industrial Area, allegedly run away with Rs. 37/- lakh after injuring a security guard.

Police Investigates

Police Investigation, police investigates, flipkart robbery

As per Police : Around 8:30 pm yesterday around 3-4 men forcefully entered into the office & held 6 employees hostage. Later on Police was informed around 9 pm. Hence forth A police team was rushed to the spot, where cashier at the Flipkart Disptach Centre said robbers took away Rs. 37/- Lakh at gunpoint.

Naveen the security guard even tried raising the alarm but he was hit with the butt of a gun. Further they even took away the Hard Disk of CCTV cameras installed in the premises such that they could not be identified.

Police added : They are checking the CCTV footage of the nearby cameras installed in the area. It is thought out to be a planned Flipkart Robbery, since the robbers knew when the cash will be maximum as being weekend the cash was not deposited in the Banks. Hence forth they are questioning the staff since they are suspicious, if some previous employee might have been involved in the burglary.


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