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Must Watch! What happened when a tiger was woken up by another cat? Check out HILARIOUS Viral Video

Never wake up a tiger from its sleep! At least, this is the lesson we learned after watching this viral video that has gone spreading on the internet.

Shot at Dublin Zoo, a 53-second long clip shows a giant tiger calmly proceeding over another tiger who was in its sleep and later whacking it with its paw. However, the sleeping tiger does not seem to have entertained the gesture. Angrily swipes back at the big cat who tried wake it up from its sleep.

Also seen in the video is the reaction of a child who was watching the tigers behind the safety of a glass wall.

Although The video was originally posted to the YouTube in April 2016 and was recently reposted to Twitter on July 1. The clip has so far been viewed by more than 46 lakh viewers.

Check out the video here:

pic courtesy : Youtube grab: Ger Campbell



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