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“Go back to sleep again” – Twitter trolls Arvind Kejriwal after ‘EVMs tampering’ claim

New Delhi: Arvind Kejriwal-led Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) suffered a chastising defeat in both Punjab and Goa, where the party failed to register its win in even a single seat.
On Wednesday, Kejriwal stirred a controversy after he alleged that EVMs may have been tampered with in Punjab, that led to at least 20-25 percent of AAP votes being transferred to the SAD-BJP alliance. This ultimately led to propping up the Congress to power in the border state.
”EVMs may have been tampered with in Punjab,” Kejriwal alleged today.
However, within hours of Kejriwal’s allegations of EVMs tampering, the social media went abuzz as Twitteratis trolled the Delhi Chief Minister for taking a jibe at Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
Here are some of the reactions on Kejriwal’s EVM tampering allegation by Modi government:
@abdullah_0mar  52m: BJP lost Bihar PM Modi accepted d defeat gracefully. He must learn the art of Propaganda from Anti-corruption crusader Kejriwal & blame EVM.
@iPaOneKumar: Anna Hazare ridicules Arvind Kejriwal’s demand to return to ballot paper. Mission completed, now go back to sleep again.
@srivastavaanuj: Dear Mr Kejriwal EVM wasn’t tampered probably your mind is tampered
@umeshabcdefg: @SirJadeja According to Kejriwal, BJP helped Cong to win Punjab state election by tampering EVM’s. mean to say Congress didn’t win punjab ?
@WatDaDuck_: From following ideology of Anna to following Mayawati’s ridiculous EVM arguments, Kejriwal’s fall is unprecedented
@ajayiyer15: Kejriwal has issue against EVM so what he will so
1 No digital scale use Manual scale
2 Weigh Machines Manual
3 Petrol in Can
@imkaran_D: @ArvindKejriwal u hv no spirit Kejriwal.Wen u win its al gud.Wen u lose u make the most stupid claims.For once accept ur defeat gracefully
@Punitspeaks:  It is a shame that an educated person like Kejriwal is questioning EVM which made him CM with 67 seats
@DrGarekar: #Kejriwal is calling #Modi”cheat”by tempering with EVM,this is unacceptable as ElectionCommission has ruled out it,he must be taken to court
@HemanNaMo: Kejriwal says
EVM identifies Vote
EVM takes only 20% AAP vote
EVM adds it in BJP
@SmokingSkills_ :  Judge “any proof of EVM tampering”?
Kejriwal “See these articles it predicted AAP’s victory in Punjab”
Judge “Ise andar kisne aane diya”?
@Vicky7912379123: AAP can’t win anywhere in the world hereafter…stupid,childish behaviour from kejriwal.
@nickhunterr: Arvind kejriwal will file a case in court against BJP for molesting EVM.
@Atheist_Krishna: Kejriwal: Journalists were saying AAP will sweep Punjab.  How Congress won?
EVM fault
Journalists were saying BJP will sweep Bihar.
“Disclaimer: This is a compilation of humour being shared on the Twitter. Our website doesn’t approves nor endorses any of the views shared in this article here.”

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