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ISIS militants storm Philippine village, take hostage inside school

Manila: Hundreds of Islamic State militants on Wednesday attacked a southern Philippine village and occupied a primary school, which is a few hours drive from a city where other jihadists are fighting a war against the government since a month.



As per a report, the gunmen attacked a lightly guarded military outpost at dawn with at least 30 militants taking over the school and using civilians as human shields.
The civilians inside the school are being used as human shield by the terrorists. According to another report, the gunmen have reportedly planted improvised bombs around the school.
However, it remains unclear that how many hostages had been taken and if they also included children.
The unrest occurred in Pigkawayan, a farming town about 160 kilometres (100 miles) from Marawi city where fighters linked to the Islamic State (IS) group have been battling troops for a month in a conflict that has claimed hundreds of lives.

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