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Kabul Explosion near Indian Embassy

A massive bomb blasted at Kabul near the Indian Embassy on Wednesday 31st May 2017.

A massive VBIED (Vehicle borne improvised explosive device) blasted & had taken the lives of atleast 80 & had injured almost 350 people. The blast took place on the beginning of Ramdan.

The attack is considered to be the biggest terror incident to ever hit the Afghan Capital. it happened from a powerful suicide car bomb during the peak hours.

The blast was so massive that it managed to shatter windows & doors 100s of mitres away.

The blast had hit the diplomatic quarter near the German Embassy & the Afghan presidential place. Being rush hours the road was full of commuters & hence the blast had taken the lives of many. Indian embassy was also near to the blast location.

As of now Taliban has denied responsibility for the blast

A BBC Afghan driver got killed

German embassy staff were injured in the blast

The bomb was found to be in a water delivery truck, detonated at 8:22 am (local time)



External Affairs minister Sushma Swaraj confirmed in her tweet that all staff at Indian Embassy is safe & not affected by the huge blase in Kabul Diplomatic Enclave.




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