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Wait! Is Kim Kardashian wearing blackface in her latest beauty ad? See the pic for yourself

Washington: Reality TV sensation Kim Kardashian has been accused of wearing blackface in a photograph promoting her upcoming make-up collection.



In a photograph that she shared on Wednesday, Kardashian revealed that she would be launching her first line of cosmetics, including a contour and highlight kit, according to a report.
However, little did the star know that she would come under the radar of many who would pointed out at her skin that apparently appears darker than usual in the photo. The social media users accused Kardashian of darkening it on purpose.
It is to be noted that blackface is considered a racist practice, which appropriates black culture and uses it for entertainment or profit.
One Twitter user pointed out that it is unfair for Kim to get celebrated for her darker skin tone when other black women receive racist comments about their appearance.
“Black women get told to lighten, meanwhile Kim spends her entire career in perpetual blackface and is lauded for her beauty,” the user wrote.
“You don’t have to do blackface,” another social media user told the star.
Some tried to argue that Kim’s darker skin tone was due to a shadow, but the argument was promptly shot down.
“She’s never looked this dark in her life please don’t start with ‘It’s a shadow’,” one user tweeted.
Kim has yet to respond to the accusations.


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