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Lets Burrrp – Sector 71, Noida – the best delivery outlet in Noida.

I tried the food from Lets Burrrp, Sector 71, Noida on Saturday Night although it was quiet busy for them but the delivery was on time. We had this food on a surprise birthday party of my cousin at 12 Midnight since they are open late in the night so we got the food preordered to deliver at 11:45 PM just before we were about to wish him Birthday & they were right on time.

The food actually made our evening very special.
We tried their-
Chilli Mushroom Dry
Paneer Schezwan Gravy
Dal Makhani
Special Paneer Badam Pasanda
Veg Biryani
Paneer Schezwan Gravy was something i never had this earlier as the taste was an authentic schezwan sauce.
Their chilli mushroom was little too dry may be because it was microwaved but tasted very nice .
Dal Makhani was really yummy you can see the cream & butter properly mixed up & garnished as it is usually not seen in any delivery outlets.
Special Paneer Badam Pasanda, this thing i had tasted for the first time as i thought it would be red colour thick sauce but i was little disappointed seeing that it is white, believe me i never had liked white sauce but this was the best white gravy i ever had. It was so rich filled with so much of almonds that you can never expect this kind of quality from any delivery outlet.
Then comes the Veg Biryani which was equally good the aroma & taste of biryani takes you to the authentic Hyderabadi biryanis you had tasted earlier. It was served with Boondi Raita.
The food we ordered thinking it is usually good for 6 people but when we got the food our numbers increased to 8 still food was so much in quantity that everyone was full & still left over with the too much of food which we had to store for next day. Their Stuffed Paranthas are so big that you can only have a full parantha to fill up your stomach leaving no extra space for anything else. All the breads we had ordered Lachha Parnatha, Garlic Naan & Stuffed Paranthas were big sized & even the food was too much in quantity & tasted delicious.
Well now atleast i found this place Lets Burrrp near to my home where i can order more often whenever we want to party late in the night.
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