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The Truth behind the Angela Merkel ignoring handshake of Narendra Modi

The Truth behind the Angela Merkel ignoring handshake of Narendra Modi

It has been in news & many websites, media are showcasing German Chancellor
Angela Merkel ignoring handshake of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. but
truth is different from what is it shown. As per the Media & Websites which are
showcasing half video they are not showing the full truth behind it


Details as shown by the News Agencies

As per the websites & media below is the handshake video of Modi and Merkel




& then they showed this time again when Narendra Modi went on his tour in 2017
– It again was an incomplete video which shows that Angela Merkel ignores the
handshake of Narendra Modi.




Truth behind Merkel evading Handshake of Modi

But the truth behind this video is totally different its a shame on media & people to see what all they are doing & have downgraded themselves to such an extent that they are using cheap poltical strategies against the Honourable Prime Minister of India Mr. Narendra Modi.

Both the times the German Chancellow Angela Merkel only asked Indian Prime
Minister Narendra Modi to come in front of both nation flags for shaking hands
so that the press could get a better glimpse of both of them shaking hands
showing the truthful relations that Germany has with India.

Please see the video showcasing what actually happened while the handshake in

Modi angela handshake full from Mayank Kumar on Vimeo.


again on 30th May 2017 it was same scenario the chancellor asked the PM to
come in front of the National Flags


angela merkel handshake full 2017 from Mayank Kumar on Vimeo.



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