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Greater Noida people Attacked Nigerians – See Videos

Greater Noida – At Ansal Plaza Mall in Greater Noida – A Mob attacked 4 nigerian students furiously with objects like Chairs, Dustbins, Rods. It was such a huge assault that lot of people just thrashed few men so brutally that it is difficult to view such a harsh violence.

The issue arose due to missing reports of 19 year old teenager from the Local Community who was initially found roaming with a group of Nigerians. Later it was reported to police for missing but later he came back although he was found under the influence of Heavy Drugs & was taken to Hospital but died due to drug overdose. Later people got angry & had started beating Nigerians at the Mall saying Africans have been accused to drugging the student.

There are lot of African Students studying in Greater Noida – Sharda university alone has a list of African Students studying with them. After the incident on 27th March African Locals have been asked to stay indoors & not to go out even for their classes.

Banners are stuck on walls asking district authorities to free Greater Noida of Nigerians. PAC – Armed Police has been deployed at crucial locations alongside the Nigerians residences. Now Nigerians are scared they are asked not to step out of the window for next two days till the matter gets cooled down. African Students are thinking to return to their country after the incident.

Around 1000 people have been booked on this charge.

Sushma Swaraj – Minister for External Affairs had spoken to newly elected UP CM Yogi Adityanath over the case & Yogi Ji had assured that “there will be a fair & impartial investigation into this unfortunate incident”.
The details were there in her tweet


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