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With no school building, MP students forced to study inside toilet

Bhopal: In yet another case of pitiful case bringing the plight of the education system in the country, due to unavailability of school building primary students of a school in Madhya Pradesh are forced to study in a disused toilet.
As per a report, the students attend their classes from a toilet as there is no school building available for them.



The school was set up in 2012 and has been run by a single teacher. It is situated in Neemuch district of the state. Till 2013, the school functioned out of a rented room but after that, the school building was no longer available for the students.
Sharing the ordeal, school teacher Kailash Chandra claimed that he has been forced to take classes in the toilet due to the lack of school building.
As per an another report, during the rainy season, the same toilet is being used to give shelter to goats as well.
This story highlights how the state run schools in the rural areas are deprived of the basic facilities and most of their appeals get restricted to the walls while the students become literate just in name sake.


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