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After Yogi Ji its Shiv Sena Workers Who are shutting down Meat Shops

With the closure of illegal Slaughter Houses in Uttar Pradesh & the Hindutva wave rising high in the state. As we had witnessed various illegal shops being shut by the UP Government – Shiv Sena has gone a step ahead at Gurugram (Gurgaon) . Over 200 Shiv Sainiks at Gurugram have forced more than 500 meat sellers to shut their shops during Navratras. They have gone to the extent to even shut down KFC outlets in the city for whole 9 days while the Navratras are going on.

Adding on to that they have even gone to the extent that they have offered Notices to the Meat Sellers to shut their shops every Tuesday after Navratras.


This tuesday Sena workers had assembled at Palam Vihar & took this action of closing the meat vendors & meat serving dhabas. District Police has come into action in favour of Licensed Meat Shops. ACP-PRO Manish said some shops were earlier shut down by Sena workers but the shops managed to open them later. Also said that action will be taken against Sena workers if they forcefully close licensed meat vendors.

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