Teenage Gangraped, Shot live on facebook, Chicago, family threatened, society, facebook live

SHOCKING!!! – Teenage Raped Live on Facebook – Had to Shift to Safe Place

New York- It was a shocking incident that took place in Chicago where a Teenage Girl was gangraped by 5-6 men & was posted live on Facebook. It is an horrifying incident & even more horrifying was that 40 people who had watched the Video while it was on air they did not reported it to the Police.

Although after the video was published. The authorities had offered relocation to the Victim & the Family members. as they had started receiving threats & taunted by the community.

Girl was aged 15 years & it is a shocking incident that even it was shot live. but still the society is so rude that this matter has become a subject of jokes & even got threatened by community. The girl was scared to even return home & even family has been harassed by neighborhood kids.

Police head from Chicago told that they have been moved to a safe place & their safety & security is being taken care by them.



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