bahubali 2, the conclusion, story leaked

The most awaited Bahubali 2 The conclusion story leaked

Its a shocking news for the director and other filmakers of bahubali series that the most awaited Bahubali 2 movie’s story was leaked on the net before the movie which is supposed to be released in april 2017

The prabas and anushka shetty film is yet to go on the floor next month but unfortunately the story is already leaked
It was long awaited to watch the sequel to know why katappa killed bahubali which was a hot trending topic on all over the social media and there were list of jokes being made on the same lines

The story as described over the internet and from reliable sources is as below
“Amarendra bahubali and ballaldeva loves devsena and sivagami request her to marry her son rana.

Devasena marries bahubali. Sivagami bans the two from the kingdom

People of mahishmati were loyal to bahubali and prays for his well being

Meanwhile bhallaladeva starts torturing people. Kalakeya brother raids on the kingdom but bahubali saves the attack

Both bhallaldeva and bijjaladeva kills bahubali only then ramyakrishna saves bahubalis son shivudu from rana,

Kattappa who is under the oath of obeying the kings orders does what is told

He was brought up away from the kingdom to grew and take revenge ”

This is what is trending on the whatsapp and other social sites but it is rumour round up and we will come to know the final details on release of the movie

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