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Brawl at DLF Cyber Hub – The Wine Company – Beaten by Bouncers

Brawl at DLF Cyber Hub: Four men including NRI thrashed badly by bouncers; four arrested

New Delhi: In a shocking incident, four men including an NRI have been furiously beaten by club bouncers at the DLF Cyber Hub based Pub – The Wine Company in Gurgaon, according to media report.

A complaint has been registered at DLF P-2 police station and the city police have booked several people under IPC Section 147 – rioting , 148 – rioting with deadly weapons, 343 & 324.
In their complaint, the victims alleged that more than 10 bouncers hired by the outlet thrashed them severely over a dispute on payments.
A policeman told reporters that one of the victims, Rahul Laxman, who stays in United Kingdom, had visited “The Wine Company at DLF Cyber hub” along with his friends, little knowing that their visit to the  for fun would turn out to be disaster.
They arrived at the outlet around 10 pm and were done by 12.30 pm at which point the bill was called for. However, there were some inconsistencies in the bill which was brought to the notice of the Manager by the victims.
A heated, yet cordial argument over the same ensued. Finally, the error was acknowledged and corrected by the Manager, and the corrected bill was presented and paid off.
However, it seems like there was some misconception in the company staff as the manager suddenly got aggressive and tried to stop one of them by grabbing the person’s arm.
When the individual tried to release himself from the manager’s grip, around 8-10 bouncers took matter into their own hands and started beating the guests for their own amusement. To make matter even worse, the waiters too joined the bouncers and started thrashing the victims for their own amusement.
“The manager and 10-12 bouncers attacked us. Beer bottles were smashed on our heads and some of my teeth were broken,” one of the victims, who was beaten, told the reporters.
Ishant, one of his friends, was administered multiple stitches as beer bottles were smashed on his head, while another victim; while Rahul suffered severe injuries on his head.
Inspector Sudeep Kumar, station house officer of DLF-II police station said that police have arrested the bar employee adding that three bouncers have also been detained in connection with the case.

DLF Cyber Hub, DLF Promenade, The wine Company, Beaten by bouncers, brawl, NRI, 2 Friends, drinking, bill dispute, manager



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