Top Pranks – Make fun of your Friends – Try them out

Good Pranks are very useful in case of 1st April is near or on other days when you can make fun of your friends or relatives this April fools day by following below few real easy tricks which you can try them at home without much ingredients. So Try out the tricks below & make April fool’s day funny & enjoyable.

Here is the list of top Pranks that you can try out with your friends tomorrow

  1. DOUBLE REMOTE – Buy a universal or same remote control for your TV & try changing the channels without showing remote while they are watching & pretend that there is a ghost who is changing channels.
  2. Toothpaste Biscuits : Take a Toothpaste & Cream Biscuits Packet. Replace the Cream inside the biscuits with toothpaste & pack it nicely in the packet. Now ask your friends or relatives to have the biscuits.
  3. Papad under the bed : The most common & best prank is make a layer of Roasted Papad on the Bed & cover with a bedsheet & offer your friends or relatives to sit & there will be noise of papads when they sit.
  4. Cover up your friends table with post it notes & leave it will be a funny site to see your friend coming to the table & see post it notes sticked around. He would need to remove all notes before moving april fool's day, april fool, pranks, top prank, best pranks, try them at home, try at home, stupid, make use of, 1st April, Fake Lottery, Post It Notes Prank
  5. The Ketchup Prank : Take half full bottle of ketchup & baking soda now place the ketchup upside down so that it runs to the cap now invert & instantly add baking soda & place in fridge without shaking & serve to your friend & step back there will be ketchup spread all around the bottle.
  6. Bubble Wrap – Take a bubble paper & make a double fold & place under the Rim of the WC neatly. Now wait for your friend to sit on it for a popping surprise.
  7. Cotton stuffs – Stuff cotton or newspaper in the farther end of inside shoe & let your friend step into the shoe to surprise him that his/her foot has grown overnight.
  8. Hurray i got a Lottery – Make a fake lottery ticket with the help of photoshop or simple word taking the template from internet. & record the lottery winner on the internet or just take the same no of todays lottery on the fake ticket & inform your friends & relatives by sitting in front of them looking on the computer! Hurray! i won the lottery of 1 Lakh & show that to everyone.
  9. Alarm Clock Prank – Just on 31st Night before going to sleep change your partners clock alarm to quiet early & make up 3-4 alarms if it is a digital clock & let them wake up early for a surprise.
  10. Mouse Trick – Stick a paper sticker on the bottom of your friends computer mouse & let him try out using the mouse when it will not work & he will try inserting usb over again. april fool's day, april fool, pranks, top prank, best pranks, try them at home, try at home, stupid, make use of, 1st April, Fake Lottery, Mouse Prank
  11. Last but not the least – Stick a Mosnter with open face image on the open ring of toilet rim & cover the lid. It will be a surprise whoever opens it first



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