husband beats up wife, stitches on eye, father in law beats son in law, middle of road, damages car

Domestic Violence – Father in law beats up the husband in middle of road

Gandhi Nagar, Gujarat near 21st March. A Husband beats up her wife severely over dowry demands. The husband wents into domestic Violence so cruelly. Wife was admitted to hospital she was hit seriously at eye that she had to get 7 stitches on the eye almost the girl was in danger of losing her eye.

Upon being informed to the father in law of man he visited her daughter & on seeing her condition he got so angry that to take revenge he went furiously with his friends & reached to his son in law while he was driving & had taken him out from the car & started to beat him with rods. Repeatedly they went beating him by everyone & the boy was shouting “i wont do it again” Please spare me but no one listened & even broken his car.

See Video below of the fight that happened


Son-in-law had filed a case against father in law at Gandhi Nagar Police Station. Its really a shame to our society with people who do domestic violence & then again instead of fighting the case in court they have taken the matter into their hands.


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