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Massive wildfire in France Southern Region forces mass evacuation, 10,000 people shifted

Marseille: The French authorities shifted at least 10,000 people in an overnight evacuation drive after a new wildfire in France broke out in southern region.

The development took place in the wake of France already battling several massive blazes that have consumed swathes of forest.

Recently, France sought Europe’s help to control the blaze that has been raging in the tinder dry south, including near the popular resort of Saint-Tropez.

During July and August, the number of people on France’s Cote d’Azur bulges as holidaymakers head to the beach. This, despite the fact that the area experiences exceptionally hot, dry summer that makes it especially vulnerable to fires.

On Tuesday, over 4,000 firefighters and troops backed by 19 water bombers were mobilised to extinguish the flames.

So far, at least 12 firefighters have been injured and at least 15 police officers affected by smoke inhalation.

Around 4,000 hectares of land along the Mediterranean coast have been devoured by the blaze in the mountainous interior and on the island of Corsica.

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